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Carlos Muñoz
Manager of Continuous Improvement and EDCM

March 24, 2022

The model of the pyramid of knowledge or DIKW (Data, Information, Knowledge & Wisdom) was developed in the 2000s, mainly by Information Technology professionals, with the aim to promote and foster the use of data from different processes and thus improve productivity in organizations. In line with this, a way to differentiate in the area of services, such as engineering, is to transform and use this data into quality information.

In early 2018, Pares& Alvarez carried out an internal survey of the effectiveness of the information obtained in different processes, mainly due to the growth of the company, raising questions such as: are we making the most of the data provided by the processes? And can we obtain information from those records that allow greater efficiency in the operation?

Seeking to answer these questions, the Continuous Improvement group and the Civils department of the Engineering Management, in a joint effort with the IT department, reorganized and developed changes in the software for organizing operations work times.

The objective of this new system of records was to identify more adequately the use of time and thus be able to compile statistics that would add value to the decisions of the management. The development was launched at the end of 2018, first only in the Civil Engineering Department, and then integrated into all areas of the Engineering Department in April 2019.

The analysis of the information collected yielded interesting results, being able to establish causes and implement improvements that had a positive impact on the indicators of the operation.

Similarly, with the idea of continuing to develop improvements, the company began the integration of the data into an analysis service aimed at providing interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities in the productive areas, which has allowed to generate improvements of the “non-specific” times (staff hours not used directly in the projects).

A crucial factor in achieving these changes in this new dimension of culture has been the commitment of the employees and management of Pares& Alvarez. There is no doubt that in the future the use of the information provided by the data will continue to be a relevant factor for the different industries and their continuous improvement processes, which is why as a company we will remain committed to the search and development of tools and systems that allow us to implement improvements.

Always focuses in the optimization of project management processes, we add to the high quality of our products a lower cost of production, which makes us more competitive in the long term, delivering high value solutions for our clients.