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Gabriel Barrera
Operations Manager, Consultancy Management

December 21, 2021

In two more months the prestigious Provincial Technological University will assure the world that Marcela is an Electrical Engineer. In Marcela’s mind there are two concerns that preoccupy her and occupy almost all of her attention: the defence of her Diploma thesis and deciding what dream to pursue.

An engineering professional has many paths to dream of: academia, research, technical sales, finance, business entrepreneurship, maintenance and/or operation of production plants, quality assurance and project development, among others.

The development of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary industrial projects is a path that Pares&Alvarez offers to the professionals in its team. We know from experience that this choice is full of intellectual challenges and professional growth. It starts with a need, is based on theory and is executed according to reality. It is a continuous process of questioning to obtain the best solution for clients.

This is a path that not everyone can follow, as it requires specific talents and attributes: responsibility, creativity, aptitude for teamwork, communication skills, technical rigour and fluency in more than one language. Over time, the professional will necessarily gain experience and value the understanding of the business, along with the needs of the Client.

The challenges for Pares&Alvarez engineers are growing, both in terms of complexity, technical responsibility and client relations. Their talent must be deployed to the fullest extent to provide a service of excellence.

Now we have the case of Guillermo, a chemical engineer who has just completed 4 years in the company. He started working in Process Engineering and today he has already had the opportunity to lead projects, where he has not only been responsible for the development of the technical part, for which he was trained at the university, but he has also had to lead a small group of professionals and manage the relationship with the client’s representative. This is the growth that Pares&Alvarez wants to create in the members of the team.

Many of the professionals on our team have gone their separate ways and have ended up in this, the engineering services industry. Their experiences in Operations, Maintenance and/or Academia have reinforced the knowledge matrix of our organisation, while others have left Pares&Alvarez in search of different challenges.

We hope that Marcela and Guillermo will be able to pursue and achieve their own dreams and, at the same time, be part of the industrial development through the services we provide to the industry in Chile and the world.

*Although Marcela, Guillermo and the Universidad Tecnológica Provincial are fictitious names, they were used by the author to express in them examples of realities observed by him.