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November 3, 2020

According to official figures, the outlook for mining in Peru is quite encouraging, with a portfolio of 48 projects with an estimated investment of US$58 billion for the coming years.

Enzo Robles is the new Country Manager of Pares&Alvarez in Peru, who will aim to strengthen and consolidate the company’s presence in the Andean country as an important provider of engineering and consulting services for the mining industry and other productive sectors such as gas, oil and energy.

Robles has more than 12 years of experience in business development in the mining, energy, oil, gas and other industries, as well as more than two years as mining business manager for ProChile, managing the commercial development of Chilean mining suppliers in the Peruvian mining market.

How do you see the engineering market in Peru and in the mining sector?

The engineering market in Peru is quite competitive. The main global engineering companies operate in Peru and there are local companies with many years of experience and very well positioned in the market. Undoubtedly, the great mining activity in the country makes it an attractive place for engineering companies wishing to attack the Peruvian market.

What are the expectations of Pares&Alvarez in Peru?

We certainly have very high expectations in the Peruvian market. We are very confident in the professional team and the experience we have to develop the most complex and demanding projects that the client requests from us. We have an impeccable track record behind us and a great reference of satisfied clients with our work and professionalism. We are confident that, with dedicated work and a competitive offer, we will achieve our goals in a short period of time.

What do you think about the internationalisation of engineering?

Undoubtedly, Chile as a mining country has a large number and quality of professionals with extensive experience in engineering development. The engineering developed in Chile has a great prestige and acceptance at an international level. Proof of this is that there are important projects in Peru, in various industrial sectors, which have been developed in Chile.

What is the current situation of mining in Peru?

As happened in several mining countries, mining activity in Peru was affected and interrupted as a result of the pandemic. However, after 30 days of being closed, mining activity resumed and is now operating normally. Production and exploration activities have been re-established, as well as the construction of the main mining projects that were underway.

What are the prospects for mining in Peru?

Despite the effects of the pandemic, the outlook for mining in Peru is quite encouraging. Peru has a portfolio of 48 projects with an estimated investment of US$58 billion over the next few years. Mining investment is expected to reach US$4.8 billion this year and US$6 billion next year. This mining investment projection leaves us with a very positive expectation regarding the business opportunity for mining suppliers.

What are the similarities and differences in the mining industry between Peru and Chile?

There are many similarities between the mining industry in both countries. Processes, technology, geography and other aspects make the mining activity between the two countries quite similar. In addition, several transnational mining companies are present with operations in both countries, such as Anglo American and Freeport-McMoRan, among others. One difference between the two countries is that here we do not have a Codelco, i.e. a state mining company, while in our country the entire mining sector is private.