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July 8, 2021

At Pares&Alvarez we are very pleased to announce we have been nominated Key Collaborator in the Haru Oni Power-to-X project, which is being carried out by HIF in Magallanes (chilean Patagonia). P&A is developing the detailed engineering for the pilot plant, after providing support for the processing of the Environmental Impact Statement of the carbon neutral e-fuels project.

According to the president of HIF, César Norton, the pilot plant is designed to produce 300 tons/year of methanol, that is, 130 thousand liters of gasoline. “You have to think of this as a synthetic forest. We are going to generate green hydrogen by the electrolysis of water, and then with a filter we are going to extract CO2 from the atmosphere. With that, methanol is synthesized and in this whole process there was no oil, nor natural gas; on the contrary, we are removing 1,200 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere,” he explained.