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Claudia González S.
Project Manager, Engineering Group

September 15, 2021

A few months ago, Pares&Alvarez announced its status as main collaborator in the E-fuel PtX project, news that reminded us of the great experience that was the development of the Tolpán Sur Wind Farm project, in the area of civil works, between 2018 and 2019; which I had the opportunity to lead.

One of the first actions we took when we received the Tolpán Sur Wind Farm project was to review references in Chile for this type of generation plants. One of the striking aspects of these facilities was the high potential of our country in terms of renewable energies and the positive impact that the construction of the project would generate.

However, generally in large-scale projects, there are difficulties in their development, either due to their technical complexity, deadlines, communication and fulfilment of expectations, among others. In this case, a complex aspect to manage was its updates, due to adjustments that had to be made by the client.

Therefore, the challenge is to overcome these difficulties with a positive attitude. In this case, the team that accompanied me in the development of the Tolpán Sur wind farm was a group of professionals who were passionate about engineering, with a great collaborative spirit and who always maintained a respectful and committed work environment.

Another valuable contribution was working with a multidisciplinary team, with civil, structural, hydraulic and electrical areas, which was characterised by a strong female presence, which was an additional motivating force.

In 2020, the Tolpán Sur wind farm in the commune of Renaico began operating, with an 84 MW installation, providing clean energy to 137,000 homes in the south of Chile. This is a factor that not only enriches the families who are the beneficiaries of this positive impact, but also excites and motivates the teams that worked on the project.

All in all, the project experience was enriching, not only because of the learning involved in leading it, but also because of the positive impact it will have on the environment. Although it is a drop, a glass needs many drops to be filled, so this project is undoubtedly a contribution to a better future.