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Industrial Sector



Empresa Portuaria San Antonio


San Antonio, Valparaíso Region



Service Area


Detailed engineering, which included geothermal and paving projects; project of areas of logistics activities (truck center, storage areas containers); filling project, which included the lagoons; rainwater project; service, electricity, water, sewerage and security network project; antecedent preparation for SEIA admission; landscaping project and elaboration of technical specifications of construction and TDR of necessary studies.

The Empresa Portuaria San Antonio (EPSA) contracted the services of Pares&Alvarez to develop the urbanization of the areas acquired during 2009, located south of the Puerto San Antonio, which are oriented to the development of logistics activities.

This area, of approximately 65ha, is intended for activities such as: cargo warehouses, truck parking lots and service distribution centers. This allowed an organic and sustained growth of the Port.

The engineering contemplated the development of soil mechanics, civil development of earthworks, road design, electrical system design for lighting, possibility of installation of reefer containers and sanitary design, among others. Additionally, the architecture of the service building was developed at the pre-design level.