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Industrial Sector

Oil & Gas




Maipú, Metropolitan Region



Service Area


Engineering in the disciplines of civil and structural, mechanical and piping and electrical and instrumental. In addition, site support engineering.

With the aim of facilitating and expediting the loading and unloading of LPG, through the mechanized handling of cylinder pallets for the Maipú de Abastible Plant, Pares&Alvarez developed the engineering, in all disciplines, for the complete palletization of the production process of the Plant, which involved the installation of palletizing equipment of LPG cylinders in the production lines of packaging of cylinders of 5, 11 and 15Kg.

The project was carried out in two stages, given the need to clear certain areas before carrying out the project. The first phase corresponded to the construction of 5 double loading islands, the expansion of the pump room, transfer of equipment and new canopy structures for the islands, plant access goal and truck parking lots, with rainwater management.

The second stage corresponded to the assembly of the new palletizing equipment projected, the incorporation of the leveling and new rainwater systems of the maneuvering yard, construction of pits and relocation of existing networks.