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Industrial Sector



Echeverría Izquierdo Montajes Industriales

End Client

AES Gener


Puchuncaví commune, Valparaíso Region



Área de servicio


Basic process engineering, mechanical, electrical and instrumental, and detailed engineering in mechanics and piping, electrical, instrumental and control, civil and structural.

Pares&Alvarez developed the basic engineering and detail engineering for the improvement of the instrument air system and service of Ventanas 1 and Ventanas 2. In addition, the engineering was done for ESVALs short-term solution in water use, for the replacement of the slag silo bucket elevator.

Empresa Eléctrica Ventanas, a subsidiary of the AES Gener Group, operates the Nueva Ventanas thermoelectric power plant, a plant with an installed capacity of 272 MW that it injects into the Central Interconnected System (SIC). Nueva Ventanas has state-of-the-art technology to minimize its emissions to the atmosphere: semi-dry desulphurization equipment (SDA) for the reduction of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions; Bag Filter System that captures 99.9% of particulate matter (MP), and adjustable tangential carbon burners, which reduce the generation of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx).