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Pemuco, Chillán, Bio Bio Region




Conceptual engineering, basic engineering in the disciplines of process, mechanical, plumbing and instrumentals; detailed engineering in the disciplines of mechanical, civil, electrical, instrumentation and control; technical support in works tenders and supervision of assembly.

Orafti Chile commissioned an energy consumption optimization study from the engineering office of its parent company in Germany. The objective of this study was to reduce the thermal energy consumption of the plant.

The development of the project to reduce the energy consumption of its Inulin production plant, began with the conceptual engineering study executed by Pares&Alvarez, the project included piping to interconnect the new equipment and the replacement of existing lines, either by hydraulic or material requirements.

Then the basic and detailed engineering was executed that included modifications and new installations, the arrangement of evaporators and modifications of existing ones, installation of heat exchangers and transformation of existing ones, installation of pumps and tanks, assembly and / or modification of piping circuits, among others.