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Industrial Sector



INIMA-CVV (consortium formed by the Spanish GS INIMA and the Chilean group Claro Vicuña Valenzuela)


Punta Zorro, Copiapó Province, Atacama Region



Service Area


Detailed engineering of the disciplines architecture, structural, civil, electrical, CCTV, fire, air conditioning, access road design and 3D model for interference detection.

In January 2018, the works of the engineering project began to be carried out, with fast-track modality, i.e. while the engineering was being developed it was being built, which will ensure the consumption of drinking water to more than 210 thousand people in the Atacama Region.

With an estimated investment of US$ 140 million in the first phase, the project was designed to produce 1,200 l/s of drinking water through 3 construction phases: 1st phase production capacity of 450 l/s; 2d phase total production capacity of 900 l/; 3rd phase drinking water production capacity of 1,200 l/s, through the extraction of seawater and its desalination through Reverse Osmosis. From there the water, already desalinated and treated with the necessary products to make it drinkable, is transported by aqueducts to the city.

It was developed from the detailed engineering for the desalination plant of 85,000 m2, through the BIM methodology, allowing to integrate the modeling of the client and access to information and visualization of all those who participated in the project, with the benefit of identifying interferences and reducing errors in the construction of the desalination plant, with the flexibility and adaptation to the needs of the client that characterizes P&A.