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Echeverría e Izquierdo, Montajes Industriales

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Concón, Valparaíso Region



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Engineering design for the structure to lift and support the tanks, the concrete supports, the anchors and adaptation and improvements of the ISBL roads.

The project consisted of the transfer of 4 atmospheric tanks from the area assigned to the new alkylation plant of the Aconcagua Oil Refinery.

The project included the engineering designs of the tanks lifting frames, the structure to support the tanks on the truck, the concrete supports for the hydraulic jacks, the anchors on the tanks to hoists (lifting lugs), to supervise the hamdling of the tanks during the lifting and transfer maneuvers and to propose solutions to detach the tanks from the bottom plate. In addition, the project considered the adaptation and improvements of the ISBL roads for the transfer, as well as the management of overhead power lines.