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Continuous improvement as a service to engineering

Efficient operations management is key, a path we have followed at P&A since 2018, transforming our processes and culture towards one of greater analytics and use of data to optimise project management and deliver differentiating solutions


How does reverse osmosis work?

P&A's CEO was recently talking to Eduardo Fuentes on his programme Minería del Mañana on TXS Plus radio about desalination plants, we invite you to listen to an excerpt of the interview.

Featured Project

Agua de Mar Desalination Plant, Spence Growth Option (SGO) project

The desalination of seawater will allow this BHP mine to use this desalinated water for 100% of its operation. This will not only reduce its current costs, but also allow it to project more than 180,000 tonnes per year and a significant extension of its useful life.


Challenges of primary sulphide leaching

The leaching of secondary sulphides in a chloride environment has become an efficient and beneficial practice for miners, and many companies have turned to this alternative to extend the life of the ore.


The future of chloride leaching in copper mining

Chloride leaching technology has positioned itself as a solution for mining companies, the low cost of sodium chloride and its proximity to operations make leaching a necessary transformation for their current hydrometallurgical operations.

Featured Project

Study of Alternatives for Early Addition of Chloride in Leaching

Leaching has positioned itself as an innovative technology for the development of hydrometallurgical operations of mining clients. However, the road is still being travelled and studies on its applicability are part of the challenges for the future.


Marcela and Guillermo’s dreams

An engineering professional has many paths he or she can dream of, academia, research, entrepreneurship and project development, among others.

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