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Desalination, mining and energy

The use of reverse osmosis desalination and the impulsion system represent 25% of the non-recirculated fresh water consumption in the mining sector.


The lessons of sport, a school for life

To get to the Los Angeles Olympics, we faced difficulties and tasks that required great effort, but with dedication, effort and strategy we reached the goal.

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ALABC Honors BHP Australia’s President of Mining

The event, sponsored by Pares& Alvarez, addressed the challenges and opportunities for collaboration between Australia and Latin America for the development of the lithium and electromobility industry.


Industrialize from day one

Industrialization involves transforming all the construction processes of a project, from the design to the materials used.


IPCC report: an urgent call to humanity

According to IPCC experts, the current concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exceeds 410 particles per million, the highest rate in the last two million years.

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