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Industrial Sector

Woods Products


CMPC Maderas


Mininco, Collipulli, Araucanía Region


2011- 2013


Basic and detailed engineering, management of procurement of equipment and materials, construction management and technical inspection of works. That is, an EPCM, which, on this occasion, was defined with Target Price, that is, with the commitment of Pares&Alvarez not to exceed a capex and a deadline for development, defined in agreement with the client.

In mid-2011, the management of the Plywood plant of CMPC Maderas required support to estimate the investment that would involve expanding its facilities to double its production, going from 240 thousand m3 to 500 thousand m3 of boards per year without stopping its operation, and incorporating new technologies to optimize its processes and the efficient use of energy. This is how Pares&Alvarez takes on the challenge, but with an extra ingredient, perform the task under the demands and commitment involved in performing an EPCM Target Price.

In the first stage of the project, and with the intention of estimating the investment to carry out the transformation of Plywood, a group of P&A professionals worked in basic engineering.

In May 2012 the second stage of the project began, the development of the detailed engineering in the specialties of mechanics, piping, civil and structures, electricity and instrumentation and control, which involved not only the expansion of the plant on its four sides, but also redesigning and expanding the areas of by-product management, steam networks, compressed air, fire network, wastewater treatment plant and electrical system.

As the detailed engineering progressed, the advances in the management of equipment procurement began, in order to start construction, all under a strict control of compliance with deadlines and capex and without interfering with the normal operating schedule of the plant.


The expansion project to increase production from 240,000 m3 /year of plywood completed to 500,000 m3 of annual production, also included the expansion in 31 thousand m2 of the industrial warehouse, expansion of the office building, doubling the collection capacity of the feedstock yard, incorporating an additional line of unspooling with its respective by-product handling area, two dryers, an additional jointing machine, two automatic gluing and assembly lines, two cold presses and two hot presses, and in the finishing area, two automatic panel repair lines and a new squared and sanding line were incorporated. Additionally, a line was installed to deliver greater added value to the panels (texturing, profiling and grooving)*.

Along with this, the pending areas of the original project were carried out: paving of interior roads, warehouse buildings, spare parts, maintenance workshops, quality control laboratory, dressing rooms, cafeteria, operations offices and administration.

It should be noted that the new equipment contemplated the best technologies available at the time the project was carried out, such as the incorporation of laser technology, robotics, electronics, adhesives and state-of-the-art application systems, automations and energy efficiency processes.

In the peack of the project, there were more than 60 professionals from Pares&Alvarez working on it, which took advantage of the scheduled shutdown of two weeks of the plant to make the connections of the expansion with the existing facilities and that ended with the fulfillment of the commitments made at the beginning: CAPEX and Execution Deadline.